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Talks on TED. Bill Gates: How state budgets are breaking US schools 


   The video is a lecture by well-known programmer, investor and philanthropist Bill Gates and it is devoted , devoted to the problem of state budget allocation. The lecture is a great example of interaction between Federal and state government. Bill Gates says that not many citizens of the United States do not really understand how serious the issue is. The fact of state budgets being big money with 
little scrutiny proves the statement. 

    Big Government programs always weigh heavily on state and local budgets. That is the reason why state authorities try to find the money no matter what. They make people pay more in withholding in order to help their cash flow out, which means that they borrow from taxpayers by withholding 110%
 of taxes due. They also sell their assets and,which is even more important,defer the school payments requiring local schools to borrow in credit. All this proves there is a serious issue of budget deficit in states. California is an example of it in the speech, but all but 4 states: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming are running deficits.
        According to the given statistics, nowadays the revenue is less than spending. In order to solve the problem the government is thinking of lowering expenses in some spheres. One of these is education.

    Most the money for educational purposes is coming out of the state budgets.  With education cut, there will be consequences for the country. These are many laid-off teachers, raised class sizes, increased community college tuition. 
    Bill thinks that it should be avoided, because the future of the country depends on how educate the young generation is. Society should be aware of the situation,so they can understand where the money really goes. First of all better tools or to put it another way good sites must be created to put up some things that will give the basic picture. To understand how the system works people can also read the proper books. Secondly, the politician should listen to the ideas of the problem being solvable and try to solve it. Some good programs were proposed by Alan Simpson, Erskine Bowles, Pete Domenici and Alice Rivlin, but those were pushed off. In order to give such projects a chance, people must be drawn in.

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