четверг, 20 февраля 2014 г.

Ted Talks and Coursera courses

Those who have not published yet Ted Talks and Coursera courses you applied to, do it this week, plz. Don't forget to include a brief description and  source links.

Your Future Course Paper Topics

Dear girls,
You have to pick up and publish the topic of your future course paper. Don't forget to include also a list of bibliography you've consulted while choosing the topic.

Dual and Cooperative Federalism

Statistical Abstract of the US, State Rankings
The U.S. Census Bureau maintains one of the largest collections of data about social and economic conditions in the United States as a whole, and all of the nation's 50 states. Each year the Bureau publishes a summary of this information in the Statistical Abstract of the United States. You can link to an electronic version of this publication at the Bureau's web site,
http://www.census.gov/. Go the U.S. Census Bureau's web site and locate the Statistical Abstract. From there, identify the collection of what the Bureau calls "State Rankings," and study in particular the following three measures: (1) Infant mortality rate, (2) Violent crime rate, and (3) Persons below the poverty level.
How might a conservative use this information to argue for a system of "dual federalism"? How might a liberal use this information to argue for a system of "cooperative federalism"?