четверг, 20 февраля 2014 г.

Ted Talks and Coursera courses

Those who have not published yet Ted Talks and Coursera courses you applied to, do it this week, plz. Don't forget to include a brief description and  source links.

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  1. How to change the World is a course in Wesleyan University by Michael S. Roth. It examines various issues concerning poverty, the environment, technology, health care, gender, education and activism. The course tells us that we are capable to change the world, but we need to know how to do that. This is it's main goal-to tell us how. It instructs students on the art of social change.
    The course lasts six weeks and focuses on the world’s most challenging problems, and examines how we can develop “social goods” — which is defined during class — to create networks of progressive change.
    Course Syllabus
    Week 1: What are Social Goods? What is the Commons?
    Week 2: Poverty and Development
    Week 3: Climate Change and Sustainability
    Week 4: Disease and Global Health Care
    Week 5: Women, Education and Social Change
    Week 6: Looking Back, Looking Forward