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Talks on Ted. Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) transform government

The open-source world has learned to deal with a flood of new, oftentimes divergent, ideas using hosting services like GitHub — so why can’t governments? In this rousing talk Clay Shirky shows how democracies can take a lesson from the Internet, to be not just transparent but also to draw on the knowledge of all their citizens.He starts with a very simple example, showing a girl who became popular in the web by rating her school lunches everyday. During the talk, he goes into more complicated examples, followed by funny comments. 

The idea is that all the technological progress was made for one very reason - to achieve peace on Earth. But instead they've for tools for arguing and pointless debates. Latest invention - internet - may make debates and communication from pointless into something useful. He offers to combine this global tool with democratic ideas which could help the society. He says that law is chaotic as well as people communicating with each other, but they still can make an impact on society. He thinks that Internet may help people to see the government better 
- "There's no democracy worth the name that doesn't have a transparency move, but transparency is openness in only one direction, and being given a dashboard without a steering wheel has never been the core promise a democracy makes to its citizens."
The girl's website became well-known because of the internet and because it was politically oriented. Internet is a cheap, worldwide and pretty free tool anyone could use not only to argue, but also to help citizens improve any sphere in their life they think needs to be improved. 

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